Chrono Trigger Arriving on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Role-playing gamers, rejoice! Chrono Trigger will be available for iPhone and iPod Touch users as early as next month, Square Enix said on Tuesday. An exact date wasnt given, but, the blog claims the title will be arriving at least by the end of the month. Square Enix also said the RPG will be available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, and German.

There also has been no mention of a set price, yet. However, previously released titles on iOS from Square Enix have ranged from $8.00 to $15.00, depending on the title.

File:Square Enix logo.svg

Screenshots on the blog show a Chrono Trigger still in 16-bit, so its obvious it will not be updated like previous titles for handheld gaming devices, as it seems Square Enix wishes to go for a nostalgic feel for long-time fans.

Chrono Trigger has garnered a huge cult following since its release in 1995 on the Super Nintendo (SNES), becoming an instant classic for Square Enix and adding to their successful line-up of franchises, Final Fantasy being their most popular (Which has also made the jump to the iOS platform).

The games premise consists of time traveling and classic role-play gaming by fighting through dungeons and acquiring a party of characters all with different attributes to save the world from destruction. Chrono Trigger became so popular that a sequel was developed and released: Chrono Cross for the PlayStation in 1999.